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Mulch pick up, delivery, and installation.

Hello everybody, this morning I started off my day with a small mulch job. When doing mulch jobs there's several different ways of going about getting the mulch, delivering it, and installing it. Depending on the type of mulch depends on where you will get it. If you want a standard mulch consisting of ground up trees and maybe pallets with no dies you could always go to a local mulch yard and buy it by the cubic yard at close to $22. If you're wanting dyed mulch like red mulch or black mulch the chances are you're going to have to go to a department store like Lowe's or home Depot and buy it by the bag.

For today's job the customer had already purchasd the bags from Lowe's and I went to pick them up. There were 30 bags total four black and 26 red. I picked the mulch up with my 5 ft x 10 ft utility trailer the night before so I didn't have as much running around to do in the morning. Upon arrival the first thing I did was rake and remove all the sticks and branches from the area to be mulched. Next I went through and pulled up all the weeds and bamboo shoots that were coming through. Then I started unloading the bags and dropped them into a pile. Because I was unloading them from the second floor to the first floor I was able to just drop them off of the porch. From the pile once I got everything unloaded off of my trailer I started placing the bags in the spots around the yard where I could just cut them open, and dump them in place. After going through and cutting each bag and spreading it one to two bags at a time so I wouldn't have any wasted material I then back raked everythingwith the backside of a hard metal rake to give it a nice smooth finish. As I emptied each bag I would take that empty bag and put it into one of the bags so at the end I already had all my mess cleaned up and simply had to load up my tools and take my after pictures. That was the way I did this particular job, usually I pick the mulch up from the mulch yard by the cubic yard and off shovel it into a wheelbarrow and deliver it to where it goes. Fun fact when shoveling mulch it is best to use a pitchfork.

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