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Winter for lawncare workers.

Hello everyone, this is my first blog. So, us lawn care workers in northern regions have several months of the year when we are not able to bring in the "Dummy Money" (re occurring services and payments) and I'm wondering what everyone else does for income in order to not dip into savings.

Personally, I took on a very unusual contract for my company. I took on a contract with a third party-company for Lowes cleaning there parking lots. My company is responsible for nine locations. I have a partner on that project, and we split everything fifty-fifty from work to pay. After two months of doing it ourselves, we have decided to turn it into a stream of passive income and hire someone to clean them for us as a 1099 worker. We will still bring in a very nice income after employing someone and it gives us extra time to work on other projects to generate more money. I will be doing some door to door knocking for pressure washing jobs and seeing how I can network through the chamber of commerce as a new member and the real estate world I am about to enter. with all those veins of potential I am excited to see how things go over the next year.

Thats how I plan on making it through the winter, how will you?

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